Crew Form – Youth (Beta)

2018 Crew Details - Youth

Your Contact Details

Here we will ask for your details so we can ensure we accommodate your dietary requirements and have important medical information to hand in case it is needed.
Mr, Mrs, Dr, etc
We will use your mobile phone to keep you updated on your voyage only

Parent/Guardian Details

Please enter the primary parent or guardian you wish us to contact in the event of accident or illness. This person should be familiar with your medical history and needs.
Mr, Mrs, Dr, etc
This will be the primary way of contacting your Parent/Guardian.

Dietary Requirements

These should be for medical reasons such as allergies.

Medical Questionairre

The information provided below will be made available to the shore and sea staff along with medical support personnel. We may contact you for clarification prior to your voyage.
Note if this changes please advise the office before your trip starts.

Duke Of Edinburgh Details

If your voyage is part of your Duke of Edinburgh's Award please enter your eDofE number

Your Declaration

Answering No to this question does not mean you cannot join a voyage, but we will require to verify some details with you in advance.
If anything changes before your voyage starts you must let us know in advance of joining the yacht.
We will contact your Next of Kin prior to the trip to verify they are aware of the trip plans and how to contact us during the trip.